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Individual Therapy in Winnipeg and Beyond

I offer both short-term and long-term individual psychotherapy to clients in Winnipeg. Clients may come to therapy for help with issues such as:

Relationship concerns
Low self-esteem
Family of origin issues
Parenting problems
Separation and divorce
Child management concerns
Grief and loss
Workplace stress

My approach to psychotherapy is influenced by the family systems, attachment, developmental and interpersonal theoretical frameworks as well as, more recently, mindfulness-based approaches and Psychospirituality. The family systems approach and the interpersonal approach recognize the interconnectedness between individuals and their close networks, and the developmental approach emphasizes the normal stages that individuals progress through in their development through the life cycle. Attachment theory recognizes the importance of early relationships, particularly with significant others such as parents, on self-esteem and adult relationships (including love relationships).

As a therapist with many years of experience, I am comfortable working with a number of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy. I assist clients to gain insight into themselves and their relationships and support them in finding more comfortable solutions for themselves. 

Other specific modalities I offer are Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Energy Psychology EFT.

Contact the office to book an appointment for individual therapy.

CBT, Psychotherapy, EFT, & More

I offer a number of therapeutic approaches to address your concerns.

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